Adv. Yaron Ben-Dan


Zelichov, Ben-Dan & Co
2 hamenofim St.
Sea-View Building
Herzliya, 4672553

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Adv. Ben-Dan specialises in Insurance Law relating to personal injury claims, mainly of a medical malpractice nature and general liabilities, representing plaintiffs against hospitals, sick funds, doctors, paramedics and other institutions.

Adv. Ben-Dan also specialises in the general torts law, car accidents injurers’ representation and traditional civil litigation.

In additions to his medical malpractice activities, Adv. Ben-Dan represents contractors and construction companies in construction deficiencies claims as well as representing attorneys, architects and professionals in professional liability claims.

Adv. Ben-Dan was nominated recently as one of the 6 European Handball Referees on behalf of the State of Israel.

Over the years, lawyers of our firm have represented both claimants and insurance companies in this field. In this framework our firm specializes in representing claimants who suffered bodily injuries, property damages, fire damages etc. In this manner, Adv. Zelichov served as a legal adviser to dozens of asbestos victims in a large lawsuit against the Israeli Electrical Corporation; as advocate to a large commercial firm in a settlement vis-a-vis Eliahu Insurance Co. for fire damages which were caused to its building, offices and warehouses etc.
Zelichov, Ben-Dan & Co., is considered to be one of the leading and prominent law firms in Israel in the fields of Insurance, litigation, medical malpractice and general torts. Our firm has been rated in the past years by various local and foreign publications as one of the top law firms in the field of legal Insurance in Israel.

The firm specializes in a broad variety of litigation such as property insurance claims, personal injury claims, medical malpractice, motor vehicle collision claims and professional negligence claims.

Our clientele includes major Israeli insurance companies such as Migdal Insurance Company Ltd., Clal Insurance Company Ltd. and Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd., as well as foreign insurance companies such as Munich-Re, Assicurazioni Generali, Swiss-Re, AIG, British Medical Defense Union and more.

In addition to our expertise in the field of insurance, the attorneys at Chaim Zelichov & Co. specialize in commercial and civil litigation and in representing companies and institutes in arbitrations, mediations, as well and business transactions, corporate law and contract law.

Zelichov, Ben-Dan & Co., Advocates and Notaries ‘learns its clients’ needs, and acts professionally and with determination’. The firm is highly regarded for medical malpractice cases, but also handles property damage, personal injury and liability litigation. Chaim Zelichov and Zvika Zelichov are recommended.