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Greg primarily represents victims in Indiana and in other states who have claims for serious bodily injury and/or death against pharmaceutical and medical device companies. He has extensive experience representing families who have been devastated by a traumatic injury to a child or by the death of a child. Greg zealously represents accident and injury victims in complex civil litigation in state and federal courts around the country. Greg has lectured on personal injury and mass torts in Indiana, Nevada, and Louisiana.

Since 2002, Greg has been the Chair of Cohen & Malad’s Personal Injury Practice Group, which has developed a national reputation representing consumers injured by dangerous drugs and/or defective medical products.

Representative Clients:

Chondrolysis is a severe and permanent condition characterized by rapid and severe loss of cartilage on both sides of the joint, resulting in extreme pain, sleep deprivation, bone on bone grinding, and severely restricted range of motion. The condition is permanent, as cartilage cannot regenerate once destroyed.

Greg and his partners have successfully represented numerous victims who develop chondrolysis as a result of having a routine shoulder surgery, followed by the insertion of an intra articular pain pump. All of these clients did well initially, and then gradually developed symptoms of pain, popping, grinding, and clicking over the next 6 to 9 months. Subsequent radiology exams confirmed extensive cartilage loss and loss of joint space.

Greg and his partners have resolved multiple product liability claims against the manufacturers of pain pumps. They have demonstrated that the pain pump companies actively marketed these pumps to orthopedic surgeons for use in the shoulder joint despite the fact that the FDA turned down, not once but multiple times, applications seeking permission to use these pumps in the shoulder joint. The companies did not tell surgeons that the FDA had repeatedly turned down their applications for intra articular use.

Most product liability cases have been successfully resolved. These claims against the pain pump manufacturers were all cases that were days to weeks before trial. All of the cases settled for confidential amounts.

You deserve justice. Our Indiana personal injury attorneys are here to fight for you. Successful personal injury lawsuits require strong attention to detail and experienced legal counsel. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing injured clients in state and federal courts across the nation.We know that facing litigation can be worrisome for you, so we take the time to explain the whole process so you know what to expect. At Cohen & Malad, LLP, our clients are our family. That is because our clients are often referred to us by friends, family, and fellow attorneys.

When we represent you, we advocate your case like we are representing a member of our own family. We will come and meet with you or discuss your situation by phone if you prefer. Your initial consultation is free of charge and you are under no obligation to hire us if you don’t feel that we can help. We’re confident that once you’ve had the chance to meet us and discuss your case, that you will find that we have the expertise, knowledge, and drive to best represent you. When you have been injured, call our office and we will give Power to Your Voice when you need it most.

We use exhaustive research and preparation methods to ensure that we have all the facts of the case and are ready to present the best argument in court. In fighting for appropriate compensation for your injuries, we consider not only your current expenses and losses, but also future losses including the possibility that your injuries may increase your risk for developing future problems.

Cohen & Malad, LLP was founded in 1968 by former Indiana Attorney General, John J. Dillon, Louis F. Cohen and others. Since that time, Cohen & Malad has grown to be an admired and respected law firm. The Firm prosecutes and defends class actions and other civil litigation in Courts throughout the United States. Cohen & Malad also advises companies and businesses in business transactions and the preparation of legal documents necessary to accomplish their goals. The Firm also provides skilled representation in high-stakes divorces and assists lenders in collecting their loans.

Today, Cohen & Malad employs more than 20 highly skilled attorneys, backed by a large support staff, with extensive experience in a wide range of litigation and business services. Using the latest in legal technology and backed by decades of litigation experience, Cohen & Malad LLP works hard to protect and enforce the rights of its clients both in and out of Court. Cohen & Malad’s services are delivered via six Practice Groups:

  • Class Action Practice Group – The Class Action Practice Group at Cohen & Malad, LLP takes pride in obtaining recoveries for large numbers of people in cases that often are too small or too difficult to litigate on an individual basis. Class action lawsuits permit such claims to be grouped together in a single, more efficient lawsuit. Our track record includes millions of dollars of financial recoveries as well as other benefits secured in statewide cases on behalf of Hoosiers and in cases of national and international scope.
  • Personal Injury Practice Group – It is a fact of life today that people often suffer physical and financial damages through the negligence of others. Cohen & Malad’s Personal Injury Practice Group works hard to represent the interests of such individuals and help them obtain reasonable compensation for the injuries they have sustained. In addition to car accidents and other more common physical injuries, this group also handles claims against faulty drug and medical device manufacturers, as well as claims for construction and other work-related injuries.
  • Business Litigation Practice Group – Litigation is inevitable in the business world. Despite the best intentions of those pursuing their economic interests, disagreements and broken contracts are often the reality. This is where Cohen & Malad steps in to aggressively protect the interests of its clients. Representing both businesses and individuals, both in and out of Court, Cohen & Malad has gained a reputation of being a forceful advocate for its clients business interests.
  • Family Law Practice Group – The Cohen & Malad Family Law Practice Group represents clients in the often emotionally charged legal matters dealing with divorce, child custody, adoption, and other issues which arise from domestic relations. Cohen & Malad provides experienced counsel to protect our clients’ interests in what is often the most personally trying of situations.
  • Commercial Real Estate and Business Services Practice Group – The Commercial & Real Estate Practice Group represents local and national lenders in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossession, collection, title claims and all related litigation. Businesses and individuals utilize the group when disputes arise from commercial and real estate transactions. The group’s expertise extends to all real estate and commercial issues. Our Business Services attorneys provide expertise in entity formation, mergers, acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, general business advice, commercial real estate and commercial lending.
  • Appellate Law Practice Group – Looking to an experienced and perceptive appellate counsel to initiate your appeal of a court decision is wise, regardless of how well your attorney presented your case. If presented commendably, a fresh perspective from a lawyer well-versed in the appeals process and the appellate court system can often complement and strengthen your initial representation. If your case faltered in any respect, enlisting the services of an experienced appellate lawyer is even more important. Either way, Cohen & Malad delivers a unique and effective combination of insight and skill.

Cohen & Malad is proud to be involved in litigation which not only advances the rights of its clients but also adds a voice to social and individual concerns which otherwise may be ignored by the community at large. We believe this representation is what it means to be a dedicated attorney in today’s society.