Jean-Pierre Bellecave


2 Rue des Trois Conils
33000, Bordeaux

Tel: +33 05 57 01 36 36
Fax: +33 05 57 01 36 37


Practicing lawyer registered in 1981 at the Bordeaux Bar Association. Registered in the Madrid Bar Association. Law Degree from the University of Bordeaux (DEA 1980; CAPA 1980).

He has participated in many lawyer international groups. Jean-Pierre Bellecave has worked in the fields of International Civil Liability, aviation legal proceedings in France, coordination of legal proceedings in other countries, as well as international negotiations. He is in charge of their legal investigations.

Furthermore, he is in charge of building and maintaining the relationship with international plane crash victim associations, due to his vast experience of over 20 years as a plane crash victim advocate, a victim group co-founder, and/or participant.

He has been involved in the most important cases in Europe, creating jurisprudence of jurisdictional competence, as well as of governing law in the international courts, in the plane crash area.

He is a member of the AAJ, Peopil and GJN.

With over 20 years of experience, we have represented more than 3,500 people (victims or their family members) from 35 plane crashes in the last few years. From our offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and with the cooperation of an international network of partners, we plan the best global strategy for these particularly complex types of litigations that always have an international component often overlooked by the non-experts.

We are very much involved as defense attorneys for victims of other types of public transport accidents, such as maritime disasters and train accidents. We also have experience in representing victims of powerful pharmaceutical companies marketing defective products that could risk people´s health and life, as well as medical malpractice.

Only a specialized law firm that is familiar with the International Codes and Standards and the way big corporations work has the ability to represent victims.