Jolanta Budzowska


Kancelaria Budzowska Fiutowski i Partnerzy
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Legal counsel practising since 1997. Since 2009 she has been a board member of PEOPIL (Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers) based in Birmingham, England, thus representing the Polish lawyers. This organization brings together lawyers specializing in cases involving personal injury and health disorder. She has been for many years involved in civil cases concerning the issues of patient rights and compensation claims for medical malpractice. She has recorded the highest awards for injured patients in the history of the Polish judiciary. She has been acting for the victims in more than one hundred civil trials.

She has written a number of comments about patient rights and about claims for damages related to the process of medical treatment, which have appeared in the media. She is also the author of many publications and lectures on the said subject and the co-author of a monographic publication of PEOPIL in English about the regulatory framework in handling the claims for personal injury in respective countries. The book is currently being prepared for publication. She speaks English.

In the frames of the first specialization we support on an ongoing basis your professional activity: contracts, negotiations, memoranda, litigation – everything due to which you have a sense of legal security and reliability when you act as the member of the company or as an individual entrepreneur. If such a need arises, as a trusted partner we help you also in private investments, legal matters relating to inheritance or property.

The second area of expertise consists of compensation claims. When acting for our clients, we win compensation both for pecuniary as well as non-pecuniary losses and pension in case of medical errors, accidents, aviation and traffic accidents, as well as in other cases which involve the payment of fair compensation.

What these two domains of our practice have in common is not only litigation experience – the courtroom is in fact the place where we can successfully act for the benefit of our clients – but we also know that when you instruct a lawyer you wish to have a peace of mind. Therefore, we handle your cases as if they were our own.