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I have been in courtrooms since 1987 trying cases, the first five as an assistant District Attorney. I handle personal injury cases, worker’s comp, and criminal cases. Depending on the facts, I also handle civil rights. Your personal injury is personal to you. For that reason, each case is handled on a case-by-case basis. You are a person who is injured, a victim; not just a name.

Worker’s compensation has become more complex. I strive to get the best overall award, taking into account other issues such as disability and social security, along with any personal injury cases that may be possible. When it comes to criminal cases, I take a backseat to no one. I am thorough in my preparation, from pretrial motions/hearings through the conclusion of the case.


  • Hofstra University school of Law, Juris Doctorate May 1987

Professional Memberships:

  • NYSTLA – New York State Trial Lawyers Association

Other Organisations:

  • Mensa, International High IQ Society, Elks (Vestal)
I am not only willing to go to trial, I get excited over the prospect and I prepare my cases on the basis of that philosophy. Insurance companies consider this in terms of negotiations. Additionally, I understand scientific principles underlying the mechanism of injury, and I understand principles of medicine. More importantly, those that I am unfamiliar with, I put the time in order to know and understand enough to ex-plain to a jury.

I handle ALL aspects of my cases. Successful personal injury representation sometimes requires some intangible qualities; being a good communicator, especially in terms of communicating your life of pain to a jury who is being asked to award you money; thinking outside the box can mean presenting a legally cognizable theory. Being able to identify with victims, I am able to present a case to the jury that they can also identify with. This is crucial in telling your story. By presenting you as a real human person with real, personal injuries, the jury is in the best position to empathize with you in applying the facts to the law in an effort to compensate you. As you read this website, try to match up what you are looking for with what I can provide.

“I would truthfully say I would retain attorney Guyette over anyone else that I can speak or know of. Honest, dedicated, hard-working, trustworthy and truthful; those are factors that you look for in a lawyer. I am completely satisfied; If you feel that you need an attorney, someone that can restore your faith in the justice system, I would wholeheartedly recommend Kevin Guyette’s law firm.”
Charles Wilson, Binghamton, NY