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Silina graduated from the Faculty of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, in 1985. Was admitted to the Athens Bar Association in 1989 after completing her practice. After practicing for a number of years before the First Instance and subsequently the Courts of Appeal of Athens and Piraeus, she was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Greece in 2004. Silina obtained a master’s degree from the University College of London, Faculty of Law, (LL.M., 1990).

Silina is the representative for Greece to the General Board of PEOPIL, a member of the Governing Council of the Global Justice Network, and a member of the Accociation of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), of the American Association for Justice, and of Global Law Experts.

Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates is an exclusively claimants’ law firm, always representing the victims of accidents or incidents that caused personal injury to them or loss of life to the breadwinner and/or members of their family. Personal injury claims have particularities and need expert handling so that maximum compensation for victims is achieved.

In personal injury claims it is important to:

  • Immediately investigate into the facts of the accident or incident that resulted in the damage in order to determine and secure evidence.
  • Soonest determine the possible defendants and their liability for tortious actions and omissions.
  • Use the services of experts in technical, medical and others fields, as required, in investigating and then presenting and proving the claim to the Court.
  • Trace the presence of foreign elements of a case that may implicate foreign and often more beneficial jurisdictions and/or the application of foreign law.
Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates is a law firm operating for 40 years in the centre of the legal and commercial district of Piraeus (Athens), Greece.

Our legal practice is primarily focused on providing expert legal services to claimants in personal injury / loss of life cases resulting from all types of accidents including maritime, work related, road traffic, railway, and aviation accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, accidents of tourists, mass tort incidents, human rights violations and others.

A distinct section of our law firm offers expert legal services on civil, commercial and administrative issues to private and corporate clients, both Greek and foreign.

Our law firm consists of 6 lawyers and presently 3 apprentice lawyers.

Our lawyers are licensed to represent our clients in all civil, administrative and criminal Courts in Greece and we have established a network of cooperating local lawyers in most major Greek cities.

Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates is also active internationally. We have expert knowledge and extensive experience in pursuing cases with international aspects both in Greek and foreign jurisdictions, always seeking the best forum for each case. This is achieved through our world-wide network of affiliated and associated law firms in most countries over the globe and through our close co-operation with the Embassies and Consulates of several foreign countries in Greece for the protection of their citizens’ rights in Greece and abroad.